Phuket’s Soi Dog Foundation Expanding Operations To Rescue More Puppies.

Phuket’s Soi Dog Foundation Expanding Operations To Rescue More Puppies.

Soi Dog Foundation Expanding Operations To Rescue More Puppies.

Phuket’s iconic Soi Dog Foundation [SDF] is expanding operations to prevent thousands of unwanted puppies being born and dying from starvation and disease on Phuket—as well as increasing its presence in Bangkok.

The expanded programme, called PUP [Prevent Unwanted Puppies] is an ambitious attempt to sterilize 20,000 animals over the next two years.

It will cost SDF 10 million baht in addition to SDF’s normal operating costs.

All proceeds from a SDF event on 12 May at Xana Beach Club, Angsana Laguna Phuket resort in Laguna will go toward this project [see details below for bookings].

SDF’s Bangkok operation will be funded separately.

SDF Vice President John Dalley commented: “Last year the people of Phuket responded magnificently to a similar fund raiser to help secure the future of our Mai Khao shelter by contributing to the funds required to acquire the land.

“This year we hope Phuketians will be equally generous in supporting our efforts to expand our operation for PUP, which requires additional vehicles and staff.”

PUP is already supported by the British based Dog’s Trust and local Or Bor Tors [municipalities]. Working in conjunction with the island’s Or Bor Tors, SDF will run mobile clinics systematically, commencing in Mai Khao at the bridge and working southwards, spending a minimum of one month in each Or Bor Tor.

The Or Bor Tors will provide locations and publicise the clinics in their areas, calling on all pet owners to have their pets sterilized and vaccinated free of charge.

Soi Dog Foundation Expanding Operations To Rescue More Puppies.
How this dog looked when picked up by SDF and how it looked 3 months later.

Bangkok Operation

SDF has also expanded operations into Bangkok where it led the rescue of thousands of abandoned animals in last year’s floods, and is actively involved in tackling the illegal trade of dogs, which are stolen pets, to the dog meat restaurants of Vietnam and China.

The Bangkok activities are separate from the ongoing Phuket work which has resulted in 37,000 sterilizations so far, resulting in a big reduction in the number of stray dogs on the island.

Mr Dalley emphasized, however, that the job is far from over: “ We are seeing an increasing number of abandoned puppies coming mainly from owners who either cannot afford or cannot be bothered to have their dogs neutered. Although we can never sterilize every dog on the island I believe that in 2 years we will in effect be able to just run a maintenance operation here.”

12 May Event

Xana Beach Club in Laguna will host this event starting at 6.30pm. Ticket price of Baht 2500 includes a delicious buffet dinner and free flow beer and wine. For bookings contact Cristy Baker at or on 0840544367. Dress code: Black and White!

Contact: John Dalley. or 0870508688


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