Phuket’s Grand Chinese New Year Celebration

Phuket’s Grand Chinese New Year Celebration

Phuket’s Grand Chinese New Year Celebration On January 31, Phuket Governor – Maitri Inthusut opened a PPAO-organized Chinese New Year celebration in Sanamchai Field in Phuket town. Also present at the ceremony were PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising, PPAO executives, Council members, departmental heads, officials, dignitaries, the press, locals and tourists.

In his opening speech, Mr. Paiboon announced: “This is the fourth year running that we have organized Chinese New Year celebrations, and each year is grander than the previous one. This auspicious occasion demands an observance that matches its nature, and the idea is to extend a sense of goodwill and prosperity to everyone, following in the footstep of HM the King who is always concerned about the welfare of the nation and his subjects. The celebration by the people of Phuket will promote tourism and revive the economy through a presentation of our unique and outstanding Thai-Chinese culture and at the same time preserve our traditions.”

Phuket’s Grand Chinese New Year Celebration He added: “The slogan for this year’s celebration is ‘the grand year of the horse for the prosperity of the land,’ and features of the festival include 3-D photo spots with the Hong Te Emperor and fire horses, prosperity roads, decorations using gold coins and Chinese calligraphy, and beautifully-designed illuminations. In terms of entertainment, there is a Chinese acrobatic troop from Hunan province (Hunan Puyang Acrobatic Troop), who will dazzle spectators with nine shows based on fairy and allegorical tales entitled ‘China Disney Fairy Tales,’ and will include a Chinese New Year blessing show. Additionally, there is a playground, over 100 booths selling foods and products, together with a service booth from PPAO Hospital. Musical performances will round off the show with invited artists like Eh Jirakorn and the Three-Two-One band. This entertainment is what PPAO is gifting the people of Phuket on the occasion of the year of the golden horse.”

Phuket’s Grand Chinese New Year Celebration Governor Maitri added: “I am delighted to be part of this celebration under the concept of ‘the grand year of the horse for the prosperity of the land.’ The province has a long-standing relationship with Chinese people and therefore our local culture has been influenced heavily by Chinese culture. This is a grand celebration, participated by both locals and tourists alike, and features many dazzling shows and entertainment that will make a big impression to visitors.”

Phuket’s Grand Chinese New Year Celebration He ended: “I am proud to see that Phuketians and PPAO are preserving and celebrating our culture. I hope that this celebration will raise the standard of tourism enabling Phuket to compete effectively with our ASEAN neighbors. On this occasion as the first celebration of the year, I wish you all prosperity, progress, abundance, good fortune, grace and good health, all qualities that will enable you to collectively create many good things for our nation.”

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