Phuket to celebrate Chinese New Year in ‘Ancient’ style

Phuket to celebrate Chinese New Year in ‘Ancient’ style

Phuket to celebrate Chinese New Year in ‘Ancient’ styleMr.Chanchai Duangjitt – Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket Office recently announced that TAT Phuket office together with Phuket Municipality, Phuket Culture Office and other related agencies had set up a project to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year in an ancient style such with a “Back to Phuket Old Town the 14th” event to be held on 15-17 February 2013 at the Memorial Park and around old Phuket Town. The event will feature 2 major activities, Phuket Shrine Tour and Phuket Local Food Show.

Those wishing to pay respect to the holy god “Peng-Ann Huad-Jai” can do so by following the Phuket Shrine Tour which will commence from the Phuket TAT office on Thalang Road, and will then travel to the Shrines; Kwae-Tien-Keng, Bang-Neaw, Mae-Ya-Nang, Pud-Jor, Jui-Tui, Kathu, Sapum, Tha-Rue, and Sang -Thum.

There will be “Doing & Eating” demonstrations of traditional sweet making where visitors will be able to have ago themselves at making the sweets and also tasting all the featured items. There will also be three local pastries to try every day. This event will start from 18.00 onwards with and will  feature the sweets Ar-pong, Ko-Sui, Kanom-Keep, Keam-Koy, Khawneaw-Heep, Ang-Kuu, Huad-Koy, Pao-Lang etc.

The event will also a colorful lighting displays along Thalang Road, Phang Nga Road, Krabi Road and Dee-Buk Road.


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