Phuket Real Estate Association discusses ability of buildings to handle quakes

 Phuket Real Estate Association (PREA)

At the meeting room in Boat Lagoon Resort yesterday (April 25th) Phuket Vice-Governor Mr. Somkiet S, presided over a meeting organised by Phuket Real Estate Association (PREA), to discuss whether Phuket’s buildings are able to withstand earthquakes. The meeting was attended by a variety of influential groups from the hospitality, real estate, and  architectural industries.

Amorn P, Assistant Professor. PhD and subcommittee president of concrete and material of The Engineering Institute of Thailand emphasised that although there was no need to be afraid of the situation, we still have to be conscious about it.

Amorn P. said “The quakes don’t have enough power to bring down buildings and the recent ones only cracked some parts of the buildings. However some of houses or single-storied which are built without engineering plans and the old buildings in Phuket town (Sino-Portuguese) could be affected by earthquakes stronger than 5 on the Richter scale.

Anyhow, all of us should be prepared for any incident that might happen in the future by building properties that can withstand earthquakes, and for those old buildings, they should be reinforced so that they can withstand the quakes.”


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