Phuket prepares for 2013 Teacher’s Day

Phuket prepares for 2013 Teacher’s Day

Phuket prepares for 2013 Teacher’s DayPPAO Chief Executive Paiboon Upattising recently chaired a meeting to prepare for 2013 Teachers’ Day, the meeting was held at the second-floor meeting room of the PPAO Health Division. Mr. Paiboon was joined by PPAO Deputy Chief Executive – Chawalit Na Nakorn, PPAO Advisor to Chief Executive –  Boonserm Suwannarathaphoom, PPAP Chief Administrator – Watcharin Pathomwatanapong, PPAO Council Members – Theera Jiasakul and Supreeya Iam-Wiwatanakul, PPAO Director of Education, Religion and Culture Division – Ouiporn Sakultan, directors of PPAO schools, and PPAO officials.

This year, Teachers’ Day takes place on Thursday 26th December, and it aims to raise awareness and appreciation of and to promote unity among teachers. The meeting set up various committees responsible for the following tasks: administration, operation, ceremony, entertainment, scouting location and props, presentations, sport, registration, awards, public relations, finance and stock, and follow-up and feedback. Moreover, the meeting has decided the format of this year’s celebration by dividing activities into two parts. The first, running from 8.00 – 12.00 hrs on the third floor of Metropol Hotel in Phuket town, will comprise of activities such as a religious ceremony, opening ceremony, appreciation of teachers ceremony, well-wishing dances by teachers from PPAO schools, presentations by PPAO schools, trophies and certificates awarding to executives of PPAO schools (one hundred thousand teachers certificates, most popular teachers certificates, etc), musical performances by students and teachers from PPAO schools. Afternoon activities, running from 15.00 – 18.00 hrs in PPAO Ban Talad Neau School, will mainly be team sports played by teachers from various PPAO schools.


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