Phuket hosts 21st Bangtao Night Fishing Fair

Phuket hosts 21st Bangtao Night Fishing Fair

Phuket hosts 21st Bangtao Night Fishing FairOn December 14, 2013 PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising presided over the opening of Phuket’s traditional fishing fair entitled “21st Bangtao Night Fishing,” which took place on December 14-15, in Bangtao Bay, in Cherng Talay. The Chief Executive was joined by his Advisor Samasak Ratanasaenyanuparp, PPAO Chief Administrator – Watcharin Pathomwatanapong, PPAO Council Members – Sanya Sinsrida and Sonthaya Suntarak, PPAO Chief of Tourism and Sport – Chutima Janmee, PPAO officials, officials from Cherng Talay Administrative Organization, community leaders, religious leaders, and the public.

Mr. Yunu Krohlek, chairman of Bangtao Longtail Boat Association and chairman of the fishing contest of the fair said “Bangtao Night Fishing is annual fair, which has been held 20 times previously. The present activity is organized by Bangtao Longtail Boat Association, local fishermen and villagers of Bangtao, and given support by PPAO and Cherng Talay Administrative Organization. We also received support from private sectors and other agencies especially from the Laguna Resort and Hotel Group. Our aims are to raise awareness of traditional ways of and campaign for sustainable and responsible fishing. It is also seen as a preservation of our heritage, fosters unity among the fishing community, and promotes tourism.”

Phuket hosts 21st Bangtao Night Fishing FairHe continued: “The fair features fishing contests, entertainment, art and local cultural shows. The contests are divided into categories such as fishing of: forager, surface swimmers, deep-water swimmers, premium fish, prized fish, best captain, team spirit and line fishing. Competitors will sail out to sea on the first day of the fair and return the next day to weigh their catches, and for the judges to give prizes.”

Mr. Paiboon added: “The sport of fishing and its tradition is a proud heritage of Phuket. People in the community have worked together and proudly present us with their tradition, which can rightly become a tool for tourism. Most importantly, their action is exemplary for the younger generations who will regard this as an act of unity and goodwill. Income from selling the catches will raise education money for the local mosque. This is truly the kind of goodwill as prescribed by Allah.”

Phuket hosts 21st Bangtao Night Fishing FairMr. Paiboon concluded “That Phuket is a world-famous tourist destination is no accident. I think we are blessed by Allah who brings goodness to all of us. All supporters of the fair, both governmental and private, participants, community leaders, and religious leaders, will be blessed.”

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