Phuket hoping to become “City of Gastronomy”

Phuket hoping to become “City of Gastronomy”

Phuket is not only famous for its tranquil nature, but also for its traditional local food which has been well maintained and passed on from generation to generation. The unique local cuisine now has become another boosting element for tourism. In May 2011 the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture decided to nominate Phuket to the UNESCO’s Creative City Network project under the category Phuket- the City of Gastronomy.

On May 24th, the City Mayor signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture. Both offices agreed upon joint efforts in preparing and gearing up Phuket to be listed in UNESCO Creative City Network in the field of Gastronomy. The signing was witnessed by a Phuket Vice governor, residents and media members. Under the agreement the Office of Phuket City is responsible for creating and developing local food to meet the criteria required for UNESCO application, as well as seeking assistance from other local organisations and agencies in promoting Phuket in the field of Gastronomy.

The office also agreed to be responsible for the publicity of the program to spread awareness among local people leading to public participation and cooperation.

On the Office of Contemporary Arts and Culture side, they will be responsible for funding research work on the city’s Gastronomy’s potential and its development. Here are some of the dishes which we hope will help Phuket gain the title of the “City of Gastronomy.”

“Oh Aew”

Oh Aew“Oh Aew” many of you have probably heard people talk about this before. Oh Aew is a popular dessert which originates from Phuket. Oh Aew is made from jellied banana-flour mixed with boiled red bean, ice and sweet red syrup.

“Oh Tao”

Oh Tao

“Oh Tao” is a local Phuket dish. O-Tao is a delicacy made of flour and taro, added together with small oysters, bits of crispy pork rasher and spring onions. It is best taken with a sweet and spicy sauce that further enhances the flavor. To start the dish, taro is cut into cubes, steamed and then dipped in flour.

It is then soaked in oil and fried in a hot pan. The oysters, pork and spring onions and are added and the ingredients are mixed together. The dish is then seasoned with pepper, garlic sauce and white sugar. The finished dish is served in a bowl and eaten with pork cracking and bean sprouts. One of the popular restaurants that serve this dish is Mee Sapam.

“Mee Hoon Kradook Moo”

Mee Hoon“Mee Hoon Kradook Moo” is another local dish popular in Phuket. It is vermicelli noodles fried in soy sauce & garnished with fried onion flakes & fresh chopped Chinese chives. The dish is usually taken with pork soup.

“Hokkien Mee”

Hokkien MeeThere are many different varieties of Hokkien Mee. However, the most popular version here in Phuket is the Chinese version. Hokkien Mee are round yellow noodles, bigger than normal noodles. They are similar to Japanese type ‘So Ba’. There are two choices of Hokkien noodles, with or without soup. But the most popular among locals are fried Hokkien noodles with sauce & meat ingredients like pork, fish, squid & mussels.

The noodles are fried then served in a bowl in which a medium boiled egg is prepared. It’s served hot, with shallots and ground chili. Cooking oil, meat such as squid, pork, fish ball slices & soy sauce are added as the main ingredients. Then sugar & vegetables are added. It depends on the heat & techniques used as to how the finished dish tastes. Strong or less fire or heat influences the taste. The more the dish is stirred & moved, the more delicious it gets.


A-Pong“A-pong” is a sweet rolled pancake made from flour and egg and topped with bananas, sweet corn and a sprinkling of sugar. A-pong is best eaten hot straight from the pan.


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