‘Nat’ – a Phuket boy who apparently saved a girl from suicide


It is the talk of Phuket town that Nat, a male student of Satri Phuket School, successfully convinced an apparently stressed girl not to commit suicide recently. (Police now say she was a con artist, faking suicide)

Nat Pokhaisawan is studying in Matthayom 6 in Satri Phuket School. He told us that when he was walking on the pedestrian flyover in front the school, he saw a girl about to jump out from the flyover. He thought to himself that the girl would commit suicide by jumping out of the flyover. Then he went right to the girl and tried to convince her not to jump.

The girl cried and complained about her hard life, saying that her mother left her alone in Phuket and she had to take care of herself. Therefore she said she decided to commit suicide. As he was listening to the girl, Nat held the girl’s hand and told her to express her feelings to him. Then the girl said that she wanted to go to her grand mother’s home and stay there. After that, Nat said that he believed she didn’t want to die, but reminded her she wanted to see her grand mother so he helped her climb back to the flyover’s walkway.

After the incident, Nat said that he had never thought that he would succeed to convince the girl not to jump from the flyover. He said that is was difficult to change people’s minds, especially people who wanted to die. However, he didn’t want to see anybody die in front of him, so he tried to talk to her. After talking to her for a while, the girl changed her mind and came back to the walkway. At the moment, Nat felt very happy and relieved. He had apparently saved that girl’s life.

Nat said that everybody had their own problems. There were many ways to solve those problems. Some chose to die, meanwhile there were many who choose to continue living. He wanted everybody to realize how valuable life is and not to think of committing suicide. It was not the right way to solve the problem.

(translated/summarised from Thai language source: Life and Family, Manager.co.th)


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