Phuket Baba Wedding 2013

Phuket Baba Wedding 2013

Phuket Baba Wedding 2013 Organized by The Thai Peranakan Association, the 5th Baba Wedding 2013 Ceremony is a celebration of Peranakan culture exhibiting ceremony, elegant cultural costumes and authentic local Baba cuisine, in a historic Sino-Portuguese mansion.

Baba-Peranakan are terms used for the descendant of the late 19th -century Chinese immigrant to Phuket around 200 years ago.

Baba Wedding traditionally used to be a statement of the wealth and social standing of the families and it was regarded as one of the most important ceremony in Baba life.

The Thai Peranakan Association is delighted to invite you to share in the joy of the love with the bride and the groom, the families and Phuket community during the 22nd- the 24th June 2013

More information on the event please contact:
Ms. Orasiri
Tel: +6681 6911955
61 Satul Road, Mueng, Phuket 83000


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