‘Phuket Aloud’ – Letting voices loose in Phuket

‘Phuket Aloud’ – Letting voices loose in Phuket

'Phuket Aloud' - Letting voices loose in PhuketAt last! Phuket comes alive with the sound of music!

A singing, swinging beginning last Tuesday evening heralded the start of PHUKET ALOUD, Phuket’s community choir initiated by Vicki Gregory, Jackie Feliciano and Siobhan McGovern.

Jackie, music teacher at Headstart International School shares her passion for music and singing with Phuket’s Thai and expat ‘talent’ every Tuesday at Siobhan’s Music Studio at the Boat Lagoon from 7 – 9 pm.

“We sing for ourselves and perhaps eventually also for other people, Jackie smiles. We’ll sing everything from  Renaissance music to pop songs.”

After a series of throat warming, voice loosening drills, Jackie expertly coached the aspiring singers into ‘Donna Nobis Pacem’ (Grant Us Peace) and ‘Stand by Me’ accompanied by Bachelor of Music Siobhan on keyboard.

“Jackie is an amazing teacher, one of the attending singers remarked. Her enthusiasm is infectious and besides, she managed to elicit sounds from all of us that were quite good.”

There is something about singing that crosses all boundaries. Anyone can join anytime, no experience is necessary.

Phuket residents, tuk tuk drivers, jet ski operators, Russian and other nationality tourists and expats: all who love to sing are invited to come. There are no fees to join other than a donation of 100 Baht per session.

For more information https://www.facebook.com/groups/343655505745323/
or email Lies Sol liesphuket@gmail.com

For directions click on Siobhan’s Music Studio http://www.musiclessonsphuket.com


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