Phuket’s Acqua hosts Gaja Wine Tasting Dinner

Phuket’s Acqua hosts Gaja Wine & Taste Dinner

On the evening of Sunday 8th July 2012, Phuket’s award winning Acqua Restaurant together with Gaja Wines Italy and Wine & Taste Wine Importers Phuket hosted a grand Gaja Wine Tasting Dinner featuring gastronomic delights paired with a superb selection of Italy’s most revered wines.

The Wine Makers

Phuket’s Acqua hosts Gaja Wine Tasting Dinner

Founded by Giovanni Gaja in 1859, the Gaja Winery has been owned and operated by five generations of the Gaja family.

Since its inception, the Gaja Winery has continuously evolved in ways that have always focused on meticulous care of and attention to the quality of its wines.

The Culinary Creator

Phuket’s Acqua hosts Gaja Wine Tasting Dinner

Anybody who’s been in Phuket for a good length of time knows what to expect with Acqua Restaurant. Established in 2009 the multi awarding winning Acqua is the brain child of Italian Born Executive Chef Alessandro Frau, and anybody who’s had the pleasure of dining at Acqua knows Ales is a chef who delivers an eclectic yet unpretentious selection of dishes.

The Event

Phuket’s Acqua hosts Gaja Wine Tasting Dinner

Chef Ales pushed his creative culinary mind to the limit with this Wine Tasting Dinner and his 7 culinary pairing with the choice of wine was exceptional. Not only did the food taste amazing but its presentation was outstanding. Chef Ales certainly did himself proud in the kitchen and also in the dining area as host of this great evening.

Prior to each course Gaja Wines Michela Inghese gave dinners an insight into the wines they were about to sample, and explained why Ales had chosen to pair with the dishes that he had and what the tasters should experience upon tasting.

As always, both the kitchen and service teams were professional and exemplary and ensured that the evening was perfect and went without fault.

Gaja Wine tasting Menu

Gaja Ca’Marcanda Promis 2009 – A delightful wine combining the elegance and suppleness of Merlot and Syrah with the austerity of Sangiovese.

Sicilian prawn served in its own juice

Gaja Ca’Marcanda Magari 2009 – Magari showcases the essence of the upper Maremma. It’s a full, rich, well-rounded wine with an elegant, silky finish.

Octopus alla diavola, potato, rosemary and fava beans

Brunello di Montalcino Pieve Santa Restituta 2007 – This wine expresses ripe tannins, integrated acidity, rich structure and a lingering finish.

Wagyu Beef tagliata all Toscana and Laudemio extra virgin olive oil

Sito Moresco 2010 – A fruity, elegant taste; good balance in the mouth and a fresh fruity finish with very fine, silky tannins.

Duck liver lollipop, onion marmalade heart

Barbaresco 2008 Long, complex finish with fine, silk-like tannins and good acidity; dense structure, full of super-ripe fruit.

Lamb crusted and minted green peas

Dagromis Barolo 2007 – Solid structure and a rich softness as well as a lingering finish.

Slow cooked beef short rib 15hrs

Sperss 2007 – Deep structure and lots of ripe tannins. Dense, massive yet seamless, this wine possesses low acidity and a terrific finish.

Grilled Pecorino fiore Sardo DOP cheese with honey & figs


Phuket’s Acqua hosts Gaja Wine Tasting Dinner
Jan: It’s a pleasure to have been invited here tonight for this great experience. The food and wine has been fantastic and you can tell that the wine is really unique. The wines have been outstandingly paired with the food.
Than: I feel very happy to have been invited here tonight and taste the great wine and food. It’s been a great experience.
Phuket’s Acqua hosts Gaja Wine Tasting Dinner
I’m just happy that I can be here with Ales, who in my opinion is one of the best chefs on the island, if not in Thailand. We at Wine & Taste are proud to have the Gaja range of wines on our portfolio because it is one of the best and most famous wines in the world.

Rudolf Borgesius: General Manager of Le Meridien Phuket

Because I’m French, I hardly drink Italian wines, but these are fantastic. It may come with a big price tag but its great value for money.

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