Phuket’s 2012 Beach Lifeguard Project

Phuket’s 2012 Beach Lifeguard Project

The 2012 Phuket Beach Lifeguard project by PPAO will cover 33 points over 13 beaches. These areas will be composed of 12 points at Muang Phuket, 8 points at Kathu and 13 points at Thalang.

There will be a total of 106 staff on standby at their allocated areas from 09.00 am to 7.00 pm every day and there will be 3 guards per point. It is hoped that by seeing so many lifeguards on duty tourists will be more confident about safety on Phuket’s beaches.

As of 28th May 2012 Phuket’s lifeguards had rescued 333 people, 62 Thai and 271 foreigners. Mr.Viroj Sawangpol Manager of Phuket Lifeguard Service said “We cannot guarantee 100% security for people going into the sea. The best way is to make people aware that they should follow the signs and warnings such as the red flag meaning there should be no swimming.

Mr.Paiboon Upatising, President of PPAO said that the main causes of deaths and injuries are people not adhering to the red flag warning, swimming when drunk or at night. He thanked all the Community Councils and local people, who together with the lifeguards warn and take care of Phuket’s tourists. In foreign countries, lifeguards have the authority to arrest tourists who break the rules, but in Thailand it is not allowed and sometimes when advice is given some don’t want to listen, some get angry and some even attack.


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