Phuket’s 2012 Baba Wedding Ceremony

Phuket’s 2012 Baba Wedding Ceremony

Phuket’s 2012 Baba Wedding Ceremony

On September 9th 2012, the Peranakan Association of Thailand, Ministry of Culture, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket office, Phuket Municipality, Phuket Tourist Association, Phuket Old Town Foundation and Phuket Party Network held the “2012 Andaman Baba Wedding Ceremony”. The beautiful & colourful ancient ceremony is held in to preserve Phuket’s Baba culture and highlight the lives of the Baba-Nyonya people.

This year’s event saw the marriage of seven partners, four of which were honorary:

1. Mr.Somkieat and Dr.Sataporn Sankaosuthirak – Phuket’s Deputy Provincial Governor and Vice President of the Red Cross.

2. Mr.Jamroen and Mrs.Wasana Thippayapongtada – Phuket Deputy Provincial Governor and Vice President of the Red Cross.

3. Col. Nopparit and Mrs.Chaleamkwan Tawrit – Deputy Commander of the Artillery Regiment of the 9th Surasree’s Camp, Kanchanaburi and Military Wives Association.

4. Son of Phuket Governor – Mr.Nantharit and Mrs.Patthana Acharadecha.

Two Thai and one Chinese couple were the ceremonies other participants.

The ceremony began with a procession of the grooms; this began at the house of the Phuket Governor, used as their home for the occasion, and then moved on to Hongyok’s house, which is used as the home of the brides. This is then followed with a Pang-Tea ceremony, which follows strict ancient traditions. Throughout this ceremony music is played by the 50 year old Te-Tor-Te-Cheng band, under the direction of Dr.Narong Hongyok. As part of tradition, eight of China’s most auspicious flowers are then put on display.

The groom’s procession, together with the display of flowers, is then paraded around Thalang Road, Krabi Road and the historic Sino-Portuguese architectured Thai-Hua Museum in Phuket Old Town. This is the when the public and tourists are given the opportunity to enjoy part of Phuket’s original culture and take some photos.

The grand finale is a wedding party for the couples at the Phuket Governor’s House.

President of Peranakan Association – MD.Kosol Tang-U-thai said “Thailand is a world-class country with diverse cultures and people. One of the groups of people who live in Phuket is known Baba or Peranakan, born of a Chinese father and Phuketian mother. The Phuket Baba people have inherited many traditions and one of those is to marry in the traditional Baba way, a tradition which has existed since ancient times. Two of the most important factors of a Baba wedding are the involvement of the family and the respect for elders. Baba’s marriage is not only a special event, but also a declaration and commitment to serve the Baba-Peranakan community.”

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