Paul Ropp & his new step

paul roppWe have introduced Paul Ropp to you before, but this time we went out to get you some updates about his store and collection, while he was visiting Phuket during October.

Welcome back, Paul. We heard you are going to open another Paul Ropp store in Thailand?

Yes. We are about to open at Four Seasons in Chiang Mai.

It seems that you are confident about doing business in Thailand?

Economically, Thailand is much stronger than Bali. You know, we export to 30 countries but there are only free standing stores in Thailand and in Indonesia that finance an operation with us. We want to avoid being subject to the political misgivings of Indonesia or of Thailand. So by being in both countries, we can manage the risks.

I believe Thailand will have constructive results and we will pass through any political division.

“I feel positive with what we are doing. I know when people go into our stores they feel good immediately. I feel good because we have good staff working together, we get in the right retail space and because we have great partners like Gulu Lalvani of the Royal Phuket Marina, and William Heinecke of the Minor International hotels under Marriott, Four Seasons, The Anantara Group and all the rest.

We seem to be gaining attention from the right people. They are wearing our clothes and our brand is getting known with just the effort in a short period of time. In Phuket we are at Anantara, Six Senses, Phuket Royal Marina which is our flagship and now we just opened our new store opposite Surin Plaza. It is very exciting and the sales are incredible. We are very happy to be expanding and we want to do more expansion in Thailand. I believe in Thailand.

How about the new collection?

We have a major changing of direction but the core concept ‘Sensual not sexual’ is still kept. Good things are still good things. We provide dressing for interesting characters, for both genders, male or female, children and now with the home furnishings we create a new concept called “fur art”. Like pillows, they are not going to be just pillows but they will be displayed with the richness of art. When you see them you will understand exactly what we are talking about.

Completely different, it represents the collection of what we have been doing. Because it is just our colour way, our colour theme and our fabrics done the way it hasn’t been done before. Paul Ropp is a Bali based, New York born fashion designer who has reputation and success from his original and creative design. Focusing on hand woven colourful fabrics, Paul Ropp offers clothes, shoes, scarves and accessories for those who prefer to wear nothing. Visit his stores throughout Thailand for his new collection. For more information, please log on to


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