Patient sings Phuket PAO Hospital’s praises

Patient sings Phuket PAO Hospital’s praises

Patient sings Phuket PAO Hospital’s praisesMrs Chalermsri, 71, went for a consultation at the Internal Medicine Department of PPAO Hospital on October 1, 2013. Her symptoms included numbness at the nerve endings and swollen legs. After receiving her consultation, her prognosis was that of diabetes, vein atrophy, and ligament atrophy. After receiving her prognosis she was required to wait for her medicine, however, on the day of her visit the hospital was extremely busy and Mrs. Chalermsri failed to collect the blood thinning medicament she had been prescribed. On October 2nd 2013, Ms Walapa Rodphai, pharmacist at the hospital, having noticed that Mrs. Chalermsri had failed to collect the medicament turned investigator, she found out Mrs. Chalermsri’s address from a postman, and personally travelled to deliver the medicine to her house. Mrs. Chalermsri and her family were touched and impressed by Ms Walapa’s action and took it upon themselves to visit PPAO Deputy Chief Executive – Mr Chawalit Na Nakhon to hand him a handwritten letter praising and thanking Ms. Walapa Rodphai and congratulating PPAO on having a quality staff on their team.


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