New Season, New Menus at Twinpalms Phuket

New Season, New Menus at Twinpalms Phuket

New Season, New Menus at Twinpalms PhuketAs the Phuket island tropical winds shift direction this May, the signature Twinpalms dining venues — Oriental Spoon, Catch Beach Club, Bimi Beach Club and Bongo Rum Bar – are splashing more fresh flavours and fun into their menus.

Oriental Spoon Grill & Bar – Timeless elegance, secret recipes
Globetrotting Chef Joseph Budde has returned to share more of his award-winning secrets with the Twinpalms kitchen teams, just the latest stop on his 30-year international journey across the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Bangkok and Singapore.

Try one of the New Grill Recommendations and discover how Chef Joseph’s dedication to source only the best and freshest ingredients creates some truly divine tastes. Among the favourites are Panfried Seabass with green herb salsa, Beef Tenderloin flambéed right at your table, and a savoury sensation: Rack of Lamb Provencal.

New Season, New Menus at Twinpalms PhuketCatch Beach Club – Salty sea breezes, shared discoveries
Recognising that culinary journeys are best explored together, Phuket’s most exciting seaside dining spot is finding new ways to “WOW” food lovers with a menu that invites groups to share. Those with an appetite for fun will want to book a beachfront table and take a dip into their fresh menu choices for lunch and dinner.

The new Chilled Seafood Tower reveals the top picks of the sea with Freshly Boiled and Chilled Boston Lobster, King Crab, Andaman Prawns, Australian Black Mussels, French Oysters and Japanese Scallops, while the Grilled Wagyu features a superb cut of 1,500 grams of prime rib.

Try out the Japanese Platter, a colourful party on a plate with a selection of 28 Sushi, Sashimi and Maki Rolls. Or taste the double delight of two plump Grilled Boston Lobsters nestled atop a generous serving of Linguini in a Spicy Tomato and Seafood Sauce.

New Season, New Menus at Twinpalms PhuketAnd, of course, burgers are always a beach favourite but the Catch Beach Club “Dream” Burger reaches delicious new heights with its healthy portion of Beef plus Mushrooms, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeños Peppers – truly, a big festival of flavours wrapped in a bun.

The Bar Snacks menu has also been sprinkled with some light and healthy Japanese dishes – try it! And don’t forget to look out for Chef Eak’s Daily Specials, coming to shore fresh like a new wave every day.

New Season, New Menus at Twinpalms PhuketNew Season, New Menus at Twinpalms PhuketBEACH COCKTAILS – Exotic flavours, enticing sands
Catch Beach Club is revving up its drinks menu with its “WOW” Flaming Lamborghini cocktail leading the way. Its bold mix of Flamed Sambuca, Baileys, Kahlua and Blue Curaçao is sure to drive you into a new, exciting frame of mind…fast and smooth.

Bimi Beach Club features some classic cocktails to taste while you revel and relax in our sparkling, bold beachside setting – try out their Long Island Iced Tea, Mojitos or Sex on the Beach. Enjoy a glass or two or invite your friends and share a jug.

New Season, New Menus at Twinpalms PhuketBongo Rum Bar is loco for local flavours, with its Lychee & Ginger Mojito blending some magical island ingredients into one cool glass. Sip away and savour the Chalong Bay Rum, distilled using locally sourced sugar cane, mixed with fresh mint, lychee and ginger, lychee liqueur and lime juice.

Want to discover more? Book your table, visit our websites, see us on Facebook, or simply drop by at one of their sublime Surin Beach locations and discover the surprises the Twinpalms culinary team has in store for you this season.




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