Four Tips for Designing the Perfect Modern Office Furniture Setup

Four Tips for Designing the Perfect Modern Office Furniture Setup

Although none of us would like to admit it, we spend a lot of time – as much as 2,500 hours a year! – at our place of business. What’s worse than the long hours is that many of us suffer from poor office furniture to boot. In most cases, the office environment is not welcoming or accommodating; we are forced to use whatever old, mismatched, broken and unstylish furniture is lying about. This lax approach to office fit-out is starting to change though, as more and more bosses and managers come to appreciate that office design has a significant impact on staff morale and productivity. Indeed, modern office furniture is now at the forefront of intelligent office design. Whether you are setting up a professional corporate space or a small home office, there are certain essential considerations to keep in mind when selecting the best possible furniture for your workplace; let’s look at the top four points together.

Make a Fundamentals List
First and foremost, make a list and check it twice! Jokes aside, it’s essential that before you rush out and buy furniture that you take the time to make a detailed list of your basic office needs. Your fundamentals list should include items like computers, photocopiers, printers, storage cabinets, couches, coffee machines and so on. Overall, keep in your mind’s eye how you plan to ‘use’ your office space. For example, will there be a quiet zone, a kitchenette, hangout space, conference area, ping pong table, etc?

Select Furniture That Work for You
There are many choices when it comes to modern office furniture, the most important elements to keep in mind are that the pieces should be of high quality (i.e., durable), they should promote efficiency and long-term health (i.e., they are ergonomic) and they should integrate easily with technology (i.e., management for plugs and cables). Also, think about basic human needs like storage, your staff will no doubt appreciate having a small lockable drawer or cabinet in which they can keep their personal items and private documents.

Choose Your Layout
Now that you know what items you need to find space for in your office, the next important consideration is the layout. Think about using as much natural light as possible and how people will flow through the office. Do people sit facing the walls or with their backs to them. Where will the managers sit, in offices or amongst the fray? Will you be installing a Reception desk or seated foyer area? A home office is much easier, of course. Whether you have a dedicated room or just a corner of the living room; maximise what you have with smart storage that is away from distractions.

Pinpoint Your Style
And last but not least, it’s time for the fun part, where you get to be creative. Choose modern office furniture that reflects your personal or brand style. It could be traditional (wood), contemporary (glass) or minimalist (steel)? Just bear in mind that a professional office needs a consistent and cohesive look, so choose a common aesthetic for your design and carry it through the whole project. This means that all desks, storage cabinets, chairs and other prominent elements are of the same ilk (style, colour, etc.).

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