6 Tips to Choose the Correct Ladies Shaping Underwear in Thailand

6 Tips to Choose the Correct Ladies Shaping Underwear in Thailand

Choosing the right ladies shaping underwear in Thailand for your outfit is hugely important. Choose the wrong thing, and you could have unsightly bulges and seams. Choose correctly, and you’ll get an elegant silhouette and slim physique.

From celebrities and brides to businesswomen, everybody is rocking shapewear nowadays. It’s now the go-to secret weapon for every lady on every occasion. If you’re yet to discover this powerful undergarment – prepare to have your world rocked!

There’s just one problem with this gravity-defying undergarment: due to its ever-increasing popularity, there is now an endless array of shapewear styles and brands to choose from.

How is an everyday woman to decide which one will work best for her wardrobe and body shape? We are here to help with our six tried-and-tested shapewear buying tips.

1) Stick to your size – Some women try to size down for extra control, this is a mistake. It only leads to bulges, discomfort and, in a sense, ends up making you look bigger. Choose your size and then sit down and walk around while you wear it to make sure that it feels comfortable and that the piece stays in place.

2) Choose constriction wisely – You can get a sense of the level of shaping by feeling the fabric. If it’s lightweight and slips through your hands, it’s only designed to smooth targeted spots on your figure. If it’s made from a more substantial piece of fabric, it will include compression zones to suck and tuck your body into shape.

3) Smooth thy torso – If you’re looking for complete control from sternum to pelvis, shapewear can do it! High-waisted garments guarantee a smooth line all the way to your torso. Look for versions that go up to the bra line. Indeed, some styles even hook onto your bra, so there is no chance of them slipping down.

4) Forgo added tights – The problem with wearing tights over shapewear is that you’re putting nylon on nylon, which will cause your tights to slide about. Not to mention adding bulk to your thigh region with two layers of fabric. Get around this by choosing a shapewear item with built-in compression zones at the tummy, thighs and butt.

5) Bodysuit shaping – When you need heavy-duty compression, call in the big guns and go with a bodysuit. This one-piece will save you from buying separates and effortlessly create a streamlined look from head-to-toe. However, due to its chest-flattening effect, you may find the look less flattering in the bust region.

6) Keep it cool – If you live in a hot climate like Thailand, it’s wise to forgo synthetic fabrics like nylon and instead opt for breathable shapewear that will complement warmer weather. Many top brands now sell summer versions of their popular items in lighter versions made from cotton, for moisture absorption, breathability and odour control.

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