Ka Moo Bo Ran – Classically delicious stewed pork legs in Phuket

Stews Pork Legs Over Rice


For Thai people “Khao Ka Moo” or Stews Pork Legs Over Rice may not be something new, it is just a simple dish not that difficult to find for lunch. However, find those restaurants you will be impressed is not easy. But the restaurant we are going to recommend, I bet you will go back again and again.

It’s been almost 10 years since “Ka Moo Bo Ran” restaurant was founded in Phuket, creating stewed pork logs that has become a prefered menu for Phuket community with their secret recipe flavor of ancient herbs and spices passed down from generation to generation.

Brother Kaek, the owner guarantees a meltingly tender pork, a mellow taste of the soup, a sweet spice sauce that make the dish more flavourful. Having a constant taste that is reliable, you may ask him for a more individualized “Khao Ka Moo”.


Brother Kaek and his Ka Moo Bo Ran Restaurant
Noodle soup with braised pork
Noodle soup with braised pork
Noodle soup with spicy minced pork - Recommend for those who love hot and spicy


Besides this classic menu, the owner offers noodle as an alternative for his customer. He combines half of his stewed pork legs soup with an ordinary soup to make an extreordinary noodle soup. Noodle soup with spicy minced pork – braised pork, duck noodle, crispy pork with rice, braised pork intestine, are also worth a try.

“Khao Ka Moo” restaurant is located at 17/12, Phra Phuket Rd., Moo 6, Kathu, Phuket, just before the Kathu – Patong Intersection. Tel. 076-321475, 089-9729438.


Full table, full flavour, full stomach

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