How to increase your property value

1. Create a good first impression

Collect points from the very first second the potential home buyers visit your house. The outside is what they see at the first glance. So you have to make sure everything in sight is in good shape and looks fresh. Get rid of trash and waste, trim the shrubs, mow the lawn, and add accents to the landscape. Flowering plants in bloom and a fresh coat of paint to the door can make a big difference and also mean more money to go into your pocket.

2. Build an extension

Professionals suggest that well-proportioned extensions that go along with the design and proportions of the original house tend to give the highest return compared with other changes though it requires a bigger budget. You may increase the number of bedrooms to suit the market demand as long as it makes sense and doesn’t destroy the atmosphere of the house.

3. Clean
Show buyers how well you take care of your house. Remove stains, leaks, dirt and deal with unpleasant smells that may be caused by food, cigarettes, or pets. Cleaning and fresh paint are the easy and economical ways to change your house perception. Instead of unusual odors or a reek of dusk flying around, welcome potential buyers with a scent of hygiene and healthiness when they walk through your front door.

4. Repairs
We hardly buy anything that will cause us hassle and may cost a lot more with the maintenance later. So do the potential buyers. Logically, they will ask you to cut the price down which is usually about double the cost of the repair. It’s obvious that you’d better finish the repairs yourself for more negotiating power in comparison to that of your buyer.

5. Lighting
A perfect use of colours and lighting can convince a buying decision. Make your home lighter to create a warmer and more inviting ambience. When they come, leave the lights on and the curtains or blinds open to let some light in for a more spacious look. An energy efficient system will add to your competitive advantage.

6. Pay attention to bathroom and kitchen
The bathroom and kitchen are two most important rooms for most buyers. It has been proven the right improvements for these areas can help boost the marketability and value of your property. Consider new wallpaper, hardwood flooring, a stone countertop along with state-of-the-art appliances for the kitchen. Replace worn tiles, towel racks, sink, faucets or light fixtures to give a clean appearance to your bathroom.

7. Garage
A garage, or carport for at least a car, can pretty much increase your property value when it comes into the equation if the location of your property doesn’t allow you to easily find a parking space. This involves the security issue as well.

8. Personal Touch

Clear clutter and remove personal belongings to make your house look like a mock up so that the space seems larger and potential buyers can conveniently tour around. The vacancy allows buyers to imagine themselves living there better and that helps increase sale-ability.

Remember that buying and selling depend on the satisfaction of both sellers and buyers. Sellers would love to gain the most. Buyers expect to get value for money in return. When these basic requirements are met, the deal happens. The idea is by attending to details that can have a positive impact on the value, sellers’ change to attract potential buyers who are willing to pay the asking price or even more!


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