High Demand on Phuket Lobster

Since lobster is a high priced seafood, consequently, there a lot of Phuket locals established the lobster floating farm in Phuket coastal area. And now, the lobster demand seems to be higher.

Charoon Konyusab, the committee member of seafood farmer association in Chalong, Phuket, said that after Phuket was hit by the tsunami, the association has supported its members to farm high priced seafood such as grouper, giant perch, and Caranx sexfasciatus.

Later, Charoon has set up separated floating farm to grow the lobster since there are just a few lobster farms on Phuket. He said that most of the farmers don’t like to grow the lobster because it’s hard to find young lobsters and the growing process is more complicated than other seafood.

Now Charoon has 4 -5 floating basket used to grow the lobster. Most of lobsters from his farm are sent to many restaurant in Phuket. Even Phuket lobster demand is getting higher, but the existing farms can not meet the demand since it’s hard to find the lobster breed in the nature. Some of the farm owners have to order the breed from Ranong province or even neighboring countries. Consequently, this makes the higher farming cost. To avoid catching lobster from the sea, Charoon sometimes buys conceiving lobsters from the fishermen and breed them himself in his farm. The growing duration is around 1 year.

There are 2 types of lobster sent to the restaurant, the 7 colored lobster cost 1800 baht/ Kg. and the brown lobster cost 1200 – 1300 baht/ Kg.


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