Partner with an Experienced Google Ads Agency

Partner with an Experienced Google Ads Agency

Everybody knows Google. It’s one of the brand names most often used as a verb, as in “Google it!” in response to a question no one knows the answer to. But it also leads to over 8.5 billion searches worldwide per day. Google overwhelmingly dominates the world market share for searches with 91.9% (as per GS Statcounter, 2022).

If you’re with a brand struggling to raise its profile and make its products and services known to your target audience, you need the services of a Google Ads agency that can put that figure of 91.9% to good use.

Google Ads are seen by billions of people worldwide every month. You only need a small fraction of the people accessing Google to see your ad to make it the most valuable ad platform by far for your brand. Because of Google’s vast access, Google Ads can also be expensive and complicated to run, which is why a Google Ads partner can be valuable.

Value of a Google Ads Agency

Google Ads operates on a PPC basis, which stands for pay-per-click. When you open a Google Ads account, you’ll enter a PPC model where bidding on the keywords used in your ad determines how, when and where your ad is placed. The winning bid earns the spot that you feel would be most advantageous for your ad.

There are all sorts of parameters used to define “most advantageous”. Google Ads also allows you to target who sees your ads. For instance, if your brand markets running and jogging sportswear, and you currently have limited production and distribution facilities, you’d want to target active people in your immediate geographical area only.

A property development company marketing villa rentals might want their ads to be seen by travellers from all over the world booking flights and hotels to your area.

Google Ads Agencies Make Life Easier

Partnering with a Google Ads company can eliminate the need for your employees to learn the complicated ins and outs of the workings of Google Ads. This will save you time and money and free your staff from having to take up a task they may not be successful at.

Google Ads have become so valuable that most companies partner with an agency to handle all their ads’ design, content, bidding and placement parameters to ensure a good return on their investment.

Partner with Primal

Primal is a Google Ads agency in Bangkok that offers a complete range of SEO services as well as a full range of marketing disciplines, including years of experience in the design, bidding and placement of Google Ads.

A brand’s marketing budget may come under scrutiny by the top management more often in today’s volatile business environment. Every brand should use the skills of experts that can justify the cost of marketing competitively to the top management and the investors and shareholders.

Primal provides the edge every brand needs to compete successfully in the world of Google Ads.

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