‘From the Street’ newsletter by John Dalley, The Soi Dog Foundation, Phuket

“Tuk Tuk’s Happy Ending…

Dear Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog,

Tuk Tuk got his name because he had been living under Tuk Tuks (Thai taxis of sorts) on the road at Patong. He came to Soi Dog’s attention a few months ago following a call from a concerned person. Tuk Tuk drivers told Khun Nok of Soi Dog that he had been abandoned there some weeks before.

Tuk Tuk BeforeHe was suffering from mange and malnutrition. Khun Nok brought him to the shelter where he received veterinary care and was returned to Patong. However, a month ago, we received another call about a dog in bad condition and after arriving at the shelter, it turned out to be Tuk Tuk again. The decision was made that following treatment he would have to remain at the shelter, as he was clearly unable to fend for himself on the streets.

A visitor to the shelter, Gail Hawkins from the UK saw Tuk Tuk and remarked that in the UK he would surely have been euthanised immediately. She took the photo above and went to say hello to Tuk Tuk. Gail found it incredible that Tuk Tuk came to her still wagging his tail despite his condition and wanted to nuzzle her.

Tuk Tuk HappyThree weeks later Gail wrote to us to see if Tuk Tuk was still alive. The photo on the left was sent to her. She found it unbelievable how he had improved and was determined to find her a home with her family in the UK, who she approached and they said yes!

Meanwhile, two volunteers from the UK have started to walk and exercise Tuk Tuk. He’s perfect on a leash, which confirms that he’d been owned and then callously abandoned.

At first, he was terrified of any passing car and indeed any noise and would cower whenever a vehicle went by, so his life in busy Patong must have been hell for him. However he is now gaining more confidence and will soon be able to go to his new home in around six months time.

It is through the support of people like you that dogs like Tuk Tuk are saved and why Soi Dog’s adoption program is so important.

Lillian’s Sponsorship Matching Challenge Continues!

Last month we wrote to Soi Dog supporters telling you about a matching sponsorship challenge which long time supporter Lillian Dinic had made. Lillian committed to sponsoring a dog at the shelter (to a maximum of 13 dogs) for every sponsorship made by someone else. The response has been fantastic and 13 generous sponsors have taken Lillian up on her challenge!

Lillian was so pleased that she has doubled her challenge and will sponsor an additional 13 dogs if YOU sponsor one today! Soi Dog cannot thank Lillian enough for this and want to encourage you to consider matching Lillian’s challenge. In effect your sponsorship is doubled! If you would like to help dogs and cats like Tuk Tuk by taking Lillian up on her challenge please consider sponsoring a dog or cat today (click here) or by making a donation (click here).

(Note: Please do email us at info@soidog.org so that we know your sponsorship is in response to Lillian’s generous offer.)

The Work Carries On

The main aim of the Soi Dog Foundation and our supporters is to eliminate the suffering of unwanted dogs and cats. You will often hear us repeat this message as it is important for you, our supporters to understand this primary objective of the Foundation.

Sterilization is the key in solving the problem. It has demonstrated that one pair of cats alone can produce several thousand offspring exponentially in a matter of a few years. Through your support 28,882 dogs and cats have been sterilized.

Without your support the number of stray dogs and cats would have risen dramatically. Thanks to your help, the number of stray animals has noticeably fallen and the condition of the other dogs and cats has improved dramatically. The birth of tens of thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens has been prevented.

Other News From Soi Dog

Climbing For Soi Dog Foundation

Kasia and Alicia Kasia, aged nine and Alicia Sambrook, aged six attempted a guided ascent of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo on behalf of the Soi Dog Foundation.Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea and the climb started at 1,800m on 14 July planning to reach the summit of 4,095.2m on 15 July. The girls were keen to raise funds for the Soi Dog Foundation and are asking you to help. Read More on SoiDog.Org

Soi Dog’s Shelter Land Appeal Phase 2

Soi Dog has completed the initial aquisition of part of the area on which the animal shelter is located. Soi Dog has negotiated an arrangement whereby the remaining area can be obtained within a fixed period (by October, 2011) at an agreed price of 10 Mil baht (approx. $300,000 USD).

This is critical in sustaining the growth of Soi Dog and continuing our work in helpings the stray and homeless animals of Thailand. We are appealing to new and existing supporters for your help in achieving this target by October, 2011. This is a critical and immediate initiative for Soi Dog. Read More on SoiDog.org

Mobile Clinic Program Expands

Mobile clinicAs our mobile clinic program continues to expand, Soi Dog is in urgent need of a mobile autoclave. An autoclave is a device to sterilize medical instruments by subjecting them to high-pressure steam at 121C or more.

A portable autoclave is urgently needed for more effective mobile clinic operations. Mobile clinics are limited in time and every efficiency must be taken to maximize their effectiveness. A mobile autoclave costs approximately $1,500 USD (1,200 Euros) and we are asking for your support. Read More on SoiDog.org

Thank You,”

The Soi Dog Foundation


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