For the kids

For the kids

Having a young son (15 months old) and watching him grow up very quickly, is the most pleasurable experience of my life. Now he is starting to kick a football around any place he can find a space, be it big or small. This started me to wonder what options there are for kids growing up in Phuket when it comes to activities they can do, firstly to keep them occupied and secondly to improve their skills at something that they may actually be quite good at and take a large interest in. You never know, I may have a small David Beckham on my hands (wishful thinking I know).

Having done some research on the worldwide web, be it actually very little, I have been surprised by the amount of options there are for us/them. I’m not just talking about boys and football, I mean for boys and girls in general.

Below, I’m going to let you know of some of the activities I have come across where you will be able to take your children to participate in fun activities. Just google the names provided and you’ll find all the information you need.


  • Phuket Football School
  • Brazilian Soccer Schools Phuket


  • Phuket Academy of Dance
  • Katherine Dance Studio
  • Phuket Danz Steps
  • Insync Salsa for Kids

Muay Thai

  • Dragon Muay Thai
  • Rawai Muay Thai Camp
  • Tiger Muay Thai
  • Patong oxing Gym


  • Blue Canyon Golf Club
  • Loch Palm
  • Phuket Country Club


  • Tennis Plus
  • Nash Tennis Academy


  • Denise Bertrand Drama Workshops


  • Eduplanet at Central Festival
  • Siam Kolkarn Music School

As you can see, Phuket has many activities which can help keep the most demanding youngster amused. These are only a few of the choices available and in addition to these listed; don’t forget to check for kids clubs within holiday resorts as these also offer many different leisure pursuits for kids.

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