Adopt Face Scanner Technology to Improve Security and Processes

Adopt Face Scanner Technology to Improve Security and Processes

Although face scanner technology has been around for a while, some managers think installing a face scanner system is more complicated than it actually is. These managers tend to shy away from adopting the technology because they think that the infrastructure costs in replacing the existing cameras with ones that can support the technology are not worth the effort.

In reality, image quality is the only thing managers should worry about with their existing cameras. Even old cameras that offer a clear, high-quality image can be integrated with face scanner systems because this technology is completely software-based.

The software merely analyzes the incoming image and matches characteristics of faces to a database of stored facial data. Therefore, the quality of the image is much more important than the sophistication of the camera.

Managers of SMEs and businesses facing a cash-crunch also have the option of reducing the investment in infrastructure even further by opting out of the on-premise storage. By choosing cloud storage for your database, you can eliminate the need for an expensive server on your premises.

Service Benefits of Face Scanner Technology

While practically everyone has heard of the security benefits of face scanner technology, not everyone has heard of some applications that can be just as valuable.

Your database can store the image data of favoured customers. It can be programmed to alert staff when a favoured customer enters the store so they can provide them with an enhanced shopping experience. Sales above a certain amount can trigger the facial recognition software to record an image of the customer spending the amount. These images and data can be added to the database automatically to add to the number of favored customers at your store.

The software can also be programmed to trigger welcome or marketing messages if a customer walks down a particular aisle or shows interest in a display of products.

Your store can gain a valuable reputation for going above and beyond a normal level of service by employing facial software in your day-to-day operations.

HR Uses of Facial Software

The human resources department of your company can also improve employee attendance and performance by using facial software in their processes. They can set up a virtual ‘roll-call’ of your employees that records their attendance and automatically registers their absence from work. The system can also be programmed to make sure all your employees are where they are supposed to be during working hours.

Increase Security at Your Facility

Security was the main reason why the software was developed in the first place, and it has been proven to be very effective in its primary mission. If your store is in a shopping mall, the mall’s security department can interface with your database to provide images of suspected criminals on a real-time basis.

Your system can also be programmed to trigger an alarm at the mall security office as well as a local police department.

Gain an Additional Edge

Give your store an extra edge in both your security and your operational processes. Upgrade your system to use affordable and easy-to-install face scanner technology.

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