“Get to know Lek – Rattanachinkorn the owner & fashion designer of Century 22”

lek century 22Did you go to any fashion school?

I didn’t go to any fashion school due to the fact that I never had any idea about fashion designing in my head before.
Then how did it all begin?

At a house of a friend of mine, where I usually hung around at after school. There was a tailor there, so this was where I began learning to design and tailor.

How did you start getting in fashion designing and what was your inspiration to choose it as a career path?

It was at the age of 14, when I started to tailor dresses for my sister. She wore them to work and her friends happened to like them so they asked me to do some for them too. Then a friend of mine, who has now become an owner of a famous fashion boutique, made my career path clear. Back then he asked me to help him with the designs, so that he could run to many places with them to present and come back with the orders. His business went very well since he decided to open his own boutique. I then considered opening mine as well.

How old is Century 22?

Century22 is about 10 years old. But actually I was working for another brand before that. ‘Roccoco’ began because of my sister but after the brand shifted their focus to domestic markets, I became involved with designing for the brand.

What is the characteristic of the brand?

Roccoco offers feminine style clothes for a sweet girl, but Century22 has been designed to support those cool, chic girls in a colourful Bohemian style.

How do you see fashion trends nowadays?

I think there is no exact trend nowadays. Back 20 years ago when I just started, trends were more apparent but now people are becoming more and more self-esteemed, trying to create trends of their own. I think we just can’t tell that this is coming and that is not. It depends on what you choose to wear much more.

What is Century 22’s latest collection?

We don’t have a collection here. As this is an island, the concept therefore is comfortable resort-style clothes. We don’t have to follow the fashion trends. It might be something to apply with our style but not much more than that to inspire the idea.

What is ‘Art of Fashion’ for you?

‘Art of Fashion’ for me is to dress to suit one’s personality and body shape. People must know themselves, know how to dress, what is good to put on and what not. It is not necessary to follow the fashion trends and make yourself look awkward in clothes that are not for you.

Visit designer Lek’s Century 22 from Monday to Saturday 10:00 – 21:00 hrs at 8 Phang Nga Road, next to Siam Indigo Restaurant, Phuket Town Tel: +66 (0) 76 256 418


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    Goodevening !! I’m really glad to read something about the designer of clothing of century 22.
    I have been many times in Thailand and I’m really in love with the style of century 22.
    I already called one time to the shop but then they could not understand me.
    I live in Holland.
    I would like to know if i can get clothing to holland for selling overhere. Maybe to start a shop of century 22 in Holland.
    Can you please make sure that i can contact Lek.
    I would like to know if there is a webshop? Do you have a brochure ?

    Please contact me on annemarieschop@hotmail.com. I already have a business in pearls and i would like to sell clothing of century 22 as well…

    Hope to hear from you.

    Greetings annemarie Schop

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