Decor Idea: Colours Set Mood

Colours affect the mood of the observer. Different shades and tones give different feelings as we all know. Therefore colours become one of the elements we pay much attention to when it involves interior or space decorating.

Unfortunately for those who buy a home in housing development, they not only get almost twin-like appearances but also an interior that is so neutral. White, Beige, Grey, or Black are common choices for developers as these colours give the effect of a spacious look and inspire a peaceful atmosphere. But does this sometimes look somewhat boring, something inactive?

No need to get upset. Neutral colours somehow have good points. Having them as a base plus a good application of knowledge about the psychological effects of colour, may mean you find it’s easier to add subtle colors for variety, warmth, and interest in your space. These tips may help you pick the proper colours for your mode:

1.  Add energy to your working space with warm colors like red, orange or yellow. They not only can keep you awake but stimulate creativity. Yellow even can relieve depression. Also why not find a small area on your table to put a colourful frame with a photo of you and your colleague(s) taken during your team building trip or a wild shot of your high school gang.

2. Choose green, blue and pale pink when you are looking for something to calm you down. These three colours can be a good choice for a bedroom. You may play with the drapery, pillow cases, lamps or flowerpots. It could also be a lemon coloured modern alarm clock, kitty pink slipper or your favourite abstract wall art.
3. To create a calm warm ambiance in family areas like the living room, look for items that are coral, coral pink or apple green. Light pillows and fabric accents like curtains are fantastic ideas to add accents into your rooms without a great investment of time or money.

4. Cool colours like blue, indigo blue, or violet, have a very soothing affect. They often make people calmer after any emotional disturbances. The psychological effect of these colours is quality that will benefit learning; you may apply them in a study room or in the library.

5. Set the mood of your kitchen or dining area with yellow, orange, red and green that link to the colours of fruits and vegetables. They are beneficial to your digestive system. Think about corn, carrot, cucumber, watermelon etc. and pick up the colorful accessories to add vim to the space.

Note that too many colour accents can also irritate your eyes, so the proportion is very important. Keep bearing in mind this basic rule of thumb: the proper proportion for two colours should be 70-30 or 60- 40 and 60-30-10 for three colours.

You don’t have to be in a hurry with the decorating. Take your time to look for items you love, unbound your creativity and have fun!


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