Phuket holds Dao Xinxi Seminar to Promote Community Health

Phuket holds Dao Xinxi Seminar to Promote Community Health

Phuket holds Dao Xinxi Seminar to Promote Community HealthOn February 18, a health seminar was held by PPAO Health Division at its Prachakom Hall in Phuket Town. PPAO Chief Paiboon Upattising opened the seminar, with PPAO Administrator – Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, PPAO departmental heads and officials in attendance.

Entitled “How to use Dao De Xinxi techniques to enrich your life and work”, the seminar, taking place between February 18-23 and attended by 100 individuals, is divided into two main activities: a one-day workshop held in Phuket and led by speakers and experts (including Dr. Wethanee Karnkorkul) from Phuket Dao De Xinxi Club; and a study trip to the International Laozhu Dao De Xinxi Training Center in Kanchanaburi. The training topics include: using Dao De techniques to enhance life and work, demonstrations of movements and meditation, among others.

Mr. Patcharin said of the seminar: “PPAO, who is fully aware that our population is facing increased health risks, places great importance on our public health program. We want our community to understand the science of Dao De Xinxi, a popular mind and body exercise technique which originated from China, and use its principles to keep themselves and their families healthy.”

Mr. Paiboon revealed that the Phuket Dao De Xinxi Club, which has about 1,000 members, offers free classes daily at the public parks in three districts in Phuket. As an organization concerned with public health, PPAO has just constructed a new park in Kathu. Two more are being planned for Kok Chana Pamah area in Thalang, and also in Chalong. The aim is to have public parks in every district and village of Phuket.

“Dao De is a principle that teaches man to be kind to each other. People going to the workshop in Kanchanaburi will gain knowledge and experience health benefits from this science, at the same time revitalize your mind and body. Please keep a positive state of mind and you will be empowered and in turn you can help others. This program is in line with our policy ‘Mueang Na Yu Ku Kunatham’, which is a drive to make Phuket a happy place inhabited by morally upstanding community members,” concluded Mr. Paiboon.

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