5 Tips to Consider Before You Pursue Cloud Computing in Thailand

5 Tips to Consider Before You Pursue Cloud Computing in Thailand

Cloud computing has revolutionized the world of business. It provides options for companies that didn’t exist before. This is especially true for businesses in Thailand, where it can be difficult to find high-speed internet access and reliable electricity.

From 2021, the trend in cloud computing adoption in Thailand has been increasing. The search volume on Google for terms related to, cloud server Thailand, cloud service Thailand and cloud server ที่ไหนดี are growing. Which represents the demand in this industry.

So if you’re considering moving your business to Thailand, read on for some things to consider in order to make the best decision. Thailand offers tax breaks, lower labor costs, and close proximity to other countries in Southeast Asia. But is it worth the risk? Here are 5 tips to consider before pursuing cloud computing in Thailand.

Tax breaks
One of the benefits about setting up a business in Thailand is the tax breaks. There are significant incentives for businesses that choose to set up shop, and those incentives can be worth about 5% of your business’s annual revenue.

Labor Costs
One of the most attractive benefits of Thailand is the lower labor costs. In Thailand, you can find employees for one-third less than what you would pay in the US. This is a major cost-cutting measure that could be the difference between bankruptcy and success for your business.

Power Availability
Before you start planning for your cloud computing venture in Thailand, evaluate the power availability. There is a major shortage of electricity in Thailand, which could disrupt your operations if your business requires a consistent supply of power.

However, there are ways to mitigate this potential problem. For example, you could use an on-demand energy service to supplement the unreliable electric power grid in Thailand. You can also build or locate your office near a reliable source of electricity.

Low-cost Data Centers
Data centers are a vital aspect of cloud computing. If your data center goes down, then all your data is gone. Thailand has low-cost data centers that can be used to store your company’s files and information.

Locations of Cloud Providers
One of the first things to consider is where your cloud provider is located. According to thaisharp.net, the farther away you are from the provider, the higher the latency will be. This could impact how well your business runs and how effective cloud programs will be. You’ll want to make sure that you choose a location as close as possible to your business.


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