Bangkok Hospital Phuket clinches a groundbreaking deal with an alliance

Bangkok Hospital Phuket clinches a groundbreaking deal with an alliance

On 2 December 2021, Dr. Narongrit Havarungsi, Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer Group 6, gave a warm welcome to a line-up of stellar management and executives from alliance hotels on the island on the occasion of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing to launch the Prestige Wellness project and Wellness Clinic, on the 4th floor, Building 5, Bangkok Hospital Siriroj.

He elaborated on the background of the Prestige Wellness project, “thanks to collaborative efforts among Bangkok Hospital Phuket, SCG Cement-Building Materials Co., Ltd., and an alliance of leading resorts across Phuket, we have achieved a heightened sophistication in preventive medicine coveted by the most discerning local and international clientèle coming from near and far. Through our respective fields of expertise have come personalized programs of healthcare that are certain to tap into rising demand from medical tourists from the Phuket Health Sandbox and Medical & Wellness Destination bandwagon.”

Dr. Narongrit went on to say, “Bangkok Hospital Phuket is determined to be a key force in driving Phuket to be at the forefront of global health tourism. We have prepared our personnel, team of medical specialists, a new body of knowledge, medical tools as well as improved levels of service to be in line with the New Normal healthcare and changing behavior of service recipients, covering all perspectives. This is therefore the origins of our cooperation with SCG Cement-Building Materials Co., Ltd. to develop medical innovations that will help design preventive healthcare, health emergency solutions, as well as real-time 24-hour health status monitoring by virtue of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Our service recipients will stay in ever closer touch with our panel of specialists and multidisciplinary teams while enjoying their pleasant stay in participating resorts across the island. We expect that this alliance of resorts will grow over 20 by 2022.”

“In addition to the Prestige Wellness project run in cooperation with leading hotel partners in Phuket, we continue our cooperation with Laguna Resorts & Hotels (PLC), which is a long-standing ally with Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Namely, we will develop healthcare services beyond regular general illnesses, accidents and emergency, by incorporating preventive healthcare to complement service recipients’ medical needs and strike a healthy balance of the body and mind. The Wellness Clinic at Laguna Phuket will blaze a trail and achieve yet another milestone in medical tourism right on the island of Phuket, the prime tourist destination for both local and international travelers,” concluded Dr. Narongrit.


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