Amari Phuket introduces the Breeze Spa with Dr.Murad

Amari Phuket introduces the Breeze Spa with Dr.Murad

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Phuket, 30 June 2016 – As part of an ongoing commitment to explore the best treatments and products, The Breeze Spa at Amari Phuket is happy to announce its new partnership with Dr. Murad, the cosmeceutical line by leading American dermatologist, Dr. Howard Murad. Combining Murad’s all-inclusive approach to resolving skin issues through innovative science and Breeze Spa’s well-honed techniques, the partnership introduces five new and exclusive facial treatments designed for a wide range of skin concerns.

Each of the treatments utilise Murad’s products and Breeze Spa’s expertise to address issues such as dehydration, lack of skin radiance, sunburn, hyper-pigmentation and signs of ageing.

The Hydration Facial Treatment aims to reinvigorate dry and tired skin, providing the ultimate moisturising experience. Utilising lipid technology and an age-diffusing mask to ease fine lines and provide double skin hydration, guests can look forward to restoring their natural contours, and to recapturing their plump and youthful glowing skin.

For dull and uneven skin caused by clogged pores, the Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment features a clarifying Vitamin C radiance peel to help unclog pores, and eliminate dull, dry skin cells to reveal a more even skin texture and tone.

As holidays may involve spending too much time under the sun, the Sensitive and After-Sunburn Facial Treatment can help combat redness triggered by stress and overexposure to the sun, the wind and extreme temperatures. This breakthrough treatment provides fast relief to calm and soothe inflamed and sensitive skin, featuring two intensely calming and cooling facial masks. This treatment is also ideal for skin that suffers from occasional or persistent redness.

For pesky dark spots, the Breeze Spa team recommends the Brightening Facial Treatment. This fast-acting formula with double brighteners will boost skin radiance and reverse visible signs of damage, helping fight dark spots, pigmentation, freckles and uneven skin tone to reveal a youthful glow.

For those in search of smoother and more youthful skin, the Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment works towards defeating the signs of ageing, the appearance of wrinkles using the intensive radiance peel to reduce wrinkles, and infusing the skin with long-lasting hydration. The results will leave the skin noticeably smoother and more youthful even after just one treatment.

The treatments last 75 minutes for the price of 2,900 to 3,500 THB net. Guests who book the facial treatment will receive a complimentary 30-minute back massage. This exclusive treatment is available from now until 31 July 2016.

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