‘World No Tobacco Day’ activity in Phuket

On May 31st 2010, Suratin Lian-Udom, the President of Rassada Sub-district Administrative Organization or RSAO, presided over an activity on ‘World No Tobacco Day’ held in front of RSAO’s office. On the day, the RSAO staff walked to many points in Rassada Sub–district to warn people how dangerous smoking is.

On the same day, Dr. Narinrat Pitchayakamin, Head of Phuket Provincial Public Health Office or PPHO, said that the number of women smoking in Thailand was increasing significantly; therefore the slogan of ‘World No Tobacco Day’ in Thailand for this year was: “Clever Thai women are not addicted to tobacco”.

He further mentioned that all sectors have to work together to make smoke-free environments in their community, which directly help to prevent both adults and youths from smoking. People smoking needed to be told not to affect others by their smoking as well.


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