World Blood Donor Day 2010 activity held in Phuket

On June 13th 2010, at the meeting room of Kudoldharma Foundation, Taisika Praisa-ngob, the President of Phuket Provincial Red Cross or PPRC, presided over a project named “Dharma Pa Plern” (Joyously Dharma) held by PPRC and Phuket Provincial Blood Service Section. The objectives of the project were to invite people to donate their blood for medical treatments, to praise H.M. the King on the occasion of his 82nd birthday anniversary, and finally to commemorate Karl Landsteiner who discovered the ABO Blood System.

There were a lot of activities provided in the event including blood donations, a certificate-giving ceremony for people who helped or support PPRC, Dharma discussion, eye & other organ-donor applications, blood pressure checks and body check service.


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