Phuket Health Office checked vegetarian food from shrine and educated mediums

vegetarian food

On October 11th, Narinrat Pitchayakamin, Head of Phuket Provincial Health Office or PPHO, went to Jui Tui Shrine to check if the shrine prepared vegetarian food cleanly and properly.

Narinrat said that PPHO staff would monitor the kitchens in every shrine and the food stalls nearby to see if the food was prepared and cooked properly, while utensils should be cleaned or washed fully.

Moreover, he said that the officers of PPHO would also educate the masong or mediums, who perform self-torture during the street processions, in weapon selection and cleaning in order to protect them from diseases or infections by spit and blood such as Hepatitis, AIDS, and Herpes Simplex virus. PPHO supported people who use iron nails in their self torture as they were the weapons mentioned in the legend of the vegetarian festival.

Bang Niew Shrine has been a pilot of this since 2007.  Last year 37 people went to hospital because of a lot of blood loss with shock in 4 patients.


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