Tsunami warning buoy retrieved by 3rd Naval Area officers

On July 18th 2010, Rear Admiral Ruangtian Tiantong, the Deputy Commander of the Third Naval Area said in Phang Nga that the officers of the Third Naval Area on board ship ‘Bang Pakong 456’ had retrieved a tsunami warning buoy that had slipped from its base. The buoy was found 350 kilometers west off Tab Lamu Naval Base. After 4 hours, the buoy was recovered on board, taken to the Navy’s Phang Nga base and sent to the National Disaster Warning Center or NDWC (in Bangkok) in order to repair the cracked warning light and lost solar cells.

R.A. Ruangtian said that the buoy had been installed with cables about 1,100 kilometers off Thailand’s shore, on December 3rd 2006. The buoy was programmed to detect any giant waves that might cause a tsunami and send the information back to NDWC. However, even without the buoy, the officers still got warnings and information from U.S.A., Australia, and Indonesia as well as its own monitor point on the Similan Islands in Phang Nga.


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