Tsunami evacuation drill held at Phuket International Airport

On June 10th 2010, Phuket International Airport held a Tsunami evacuation drill which was a part of its 2010 annual emergency drills. The drill was led by Pratueng Sornkam, the Manager of the airport. Those present were airport staff, related government officers, fire brigades, airport rescuers, emergency medical service staff, and observers from government and private sectors.

The drill pretended there had been a 9.0 Richter scale earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia. It might have caused a tsunami which would have reached the shore next to the airport’s runway in 40 minutes, therefore every body in the airport needed to evacuate to the muster point at the Phuket Air Catering building until the situation was safe.

Pratueng said that the drill was successful with cooperation from all related sectors. This drill assured everyone that they were ready and knew what to do if such a disaster takes place.


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