The President of PPAO with channel 3 fighting violence against women & children

19 September 2009 – The President of PPAO Paiboon Upattising, The President of PPAO Council Pradit Saengchan, Chief Administrative of the PAO Manop Leelasuthanon, officers, and related persons participated in a campaign of fighting violence against women & children.

Thai popular TV program, Women to Women (Pooying Thueng Pooying in Thai), from Channel 3 and PPAO held up the campaign of fighting violence against women & children.

Pimolwan Suppayang (Pui), Meesuk Jangmeesuk (Gai), and Kulnadda Pajchimsawas (Nina), three hosts from the TV program emceed the campaign at Satree Phuket School.

One third of women in Thailand are victims of violence. Most of the victims are afraid and ashamed to report what they’ve faced to the police. With this point, the increasing of victims is more and more.

There are many activities on that day, those include writing postcards, teaching martial arts, and performances from Satree Phuket School.


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  • I have a comment, i have try to not think about the issue effect the problem cost in thailand and why do i have to think about my safety isn’t it everyone include the politition and women is less likely being harm or even the young children, what is my position over.


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