The President of PPAO consults with Phuket schools’ administrators for a better quality of education

25 September 2009 – The President of PPAO Paiboon Upattising attended a seminar of a better quality of education in Phuket schools.

Deputy Director of Phuket Educational Service Area Office, administrators of each school in Phuket, and related persons participated in at Metropole Hotel Phuket.

The main purpose of a seminar is pointed to gather information and share ideas, aimed to enhance professional development for both teachers and students.

“It’s my pleasure to join a seminar today. Everyone concerns about our teachers and students and aimed to develop everything to reach a high standard. Move forward together to achieve the same goal.” said Paiboon.

There are problems existed, those include lack of teachers, stationeries, and so much more await every related department to solve these problems.


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