Phuket hosts “Lessons learned from 2004 Tsunami” symposium

Phuket hosts “Lessons learned from 2004 Tsunami” symposium

Phuket hosts “Lessons learned from 2004 Tsunami” symposiumThe Symposium entitled “Lessons Learned from Emergency Medical Service during the 2004 Tsunami” has been held in Phuket, one of the affected areas, to find ways to keep loss and deaths to a minimum in future Tsunami.

The symposium came at the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Tsunami in Asia. It was jointly organized by the Public Health Ministry, the National Institute for Emergency Medicine, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with participants coming from medical organizations, doctors and nurses working in disaster relief in Thailand and ASEAN countries.

Deputy Minister of Public Health Somsak Chunharas who was presiding over the symposium, said the event comprised discussions of possible means to deal with a future Tsunami and other disasters, setting a command standard of disaster-relief and life-rescue operations so that rescuers can work together more effectively.

According to him, it was also an opportunity for ASEAN countries to build up a network at regional and international levels; thus they can all share and exchange knowledge of medical and public health. This is expected to strengthen the efficiency of public disaster response and medical service management.

Also, Thailand is being used by JICA as the hub to disseminate the know-how on disaster management in order to streamline public disaster relief operations in the region.


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