Phuket to open Surin Beach Sports Field next month

Phuket to open Surin Beach Sports Field next month

Phuket to open Surin Beach Sports Field next monthOn October 10th 2013 at Surin Beach Sports Field, PPAO Deputy Chief Executive – Mr. Soratham Jinda, chaired a second management meeting for the year 2013, concerning the opening of Surin Beach Sports Field. He was joined by President of Phuket Sports Association – Mr. Saroj Angkanapilas, PPAO Council Members – Mr. Sanya Singsida, Mr. Kamron Panthip and Mr. Sonthaya Suntarak, PPAO departmental heads and officers, and all concerned.

Mr. Soratham confirmed that PPAO has set a date for the official opening of Surin Beach Sports Field for November 2, 2013. The opening ceremony will feature a friendly football match between local government officials and people from the area, set to start from 14.00 hrs. According to Mr. Soratham, Surin Beach Sports Field is reserved for football matches played by the public at many levels including local, national and international. Those who wish to use the field should submit their requests in writing to PPAO Chief Executive, via PPAO Tourism and Sports section, during the official working hours and at least seven days in advance. Expenses like electricity, cleaning, damages insurance and maintenance fees will be waived if users are local government offices, representatives of the Cherng Talay communities, NGOs and associations, when the intended matches are for non-profit purpose. Private individuals or organizations will be charge a fee of 2,000 baht per day, and electricity cost of 1,000 baht per hour (using at least one hour of electricity), and cleaning service (bathrooms, litter collection, etc) is charged at 300 baht per time. There will also be insurance fees for lost and damages to property (assessed and notified by PPAO after the event) of 3,000 baht. In lieu of this amount, PPAO will accept a guarantee by a creditable individual. The rent and all other fees should be paid to the Finance office of PPAO two days in advance. Furthermore, this field is only for matches and recreational activities while training is prohibited. Users will have to agree to abide by these rules. All problems arising during the rented period should be reported to PPAO Tourism and Sports Section. Maintenance and utilities fees may be waived in certain cases and only after consultation with and approval of the PPAO Chief Executive, who will also decide if the field can be used for other purposes than those listed above.


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