Senate’s ESC Probes Corruption in Phuket

On February 4th , 2010, Police Major General Krerk Kalayanamitr, the Present of the Senate Educational Sub – commissioners (ESC) met Wichai Prisa – ngob, the Governor of Phuket to discuss about the petitions related to land corruption on Racha Island and road construction corruption in Pru Jik in Thalang district. The ESC had surveyed the area for 4 days from February 1st – 4th ,2010 and then informed the information they had got to related officers before assigned them to further investigate about the cases.

P.M.G. Krerk further said that after surveyed in the area of Pru Jik in Thalang, they found the road laeding in to Pru Jik. That area was registered as the UN’s crust of soft earth where nobody can not do anything in the area so he wondered why Mai Khao Sub District Administrative Organization (SDAO) could construct the road into that area without any blame from other government office in Phuket. Formerly, the representative from the Office of the Auditor Genaral of Thailand or OAGT had probed and mentioned that it’s Mai Khao SDAO’s guilt and the SADO have to refund 3.6 used to build the road back to the government. The OAGT also ordered the related officers to prosecute the President of Mai Khao SDAO. The prosecution has been in the investigation process for a year and the police can not finish their investigation. Therefore ESC had to come to probe this case themselves.
“As I surveyed the area, I saw only 2 houses along the mentioned road and one hotel at the end of the road and it make me believe that this road will not be beneficial to any villagers. It’s true to use the government budget to do anything that can not help the villagers to enhance their quality of life.” Said P.M.G. Krerk

For the case of land corruption on Racha Island, the P.M.G. revealed that there were to hotel that got land ownership illegally on the island. His team gonna find out the case and prosecute them as soon as possible.


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