Royal Thai Navy in Phuket Airport cleanup operation

Royal Thai Navy in Phuket Airport cleanup operation

Royal Thai Navy in Phuket Airport cleanup operationOn 7th July 2014, under instructions from the National Council of Peace and Order (NCPO), Capt Sompong Nakthong, Chief of Staff at the Royal Thai Navy Third Fleet, Pol Lt Col Teenawat Leamsuwan, Superintendent of Tah Chat Chai Police Station and Khun Prateuang Sornkam – Director of Phuket International Airport led a 50 strong team of military and police officers to Phuket Airport to check on the taxi practices and internal services of Phuket Airport.

Capt Sompong said “We are carrying out these checks today as officials have received information that Phuket International Airport has some long standing problems, the main problems relate to the airport’s taxi systems, and the military will now be here to handle and organize the green plate cars and arrest illegal black plate taxis.

“If people are found to be operating here illegally they will be dealt with accordingly until they understand that it is time for them to stop their illegal acts. If we find that officials have been receiving benefits then disciplinary action will be taken against them.

“In addition, we will also be checking to ensure all airport stores are operating within the guidelines, and this will continue to be done periodically. If we detect after any store that does not comply with the terms, they will be closed immediately.”


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