Rawai installed CCTV to improve security for tourist attractions

rawaiAroon Soros, the Mayor of Rawai Sub-district Municipality, said that the municipality had installed CCTVs in 39 points in the areas of tourist attractions in Rawai in order to maintain security in those areas and to ensure tourists travelling in Rawai were safe.

As a result, Rawai residents feel more secure since there were many crimes investigated and assisted by the information from CCTVs. In the future, there would be more CCTV installation in other risky areas to make Rawai free from crimes.


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  • Indeed.

    we actually had 2 burglars jumping our wall 2 years ago, the police was here in 1 minute, as they were already chasing them, but now there’s a camera in the street and for sure we feel a lot safer.

    there are also 2 police team patrolling during the night and more streetlights have been installed

    i’t fascinating how well this relatively small village is managed, as most people living here are not registered here and so the budget the local government gets is too small, but even small things like potholes get fixed almost immediately anyway; extremely well manged.

    I honestly believe this is the best well balanced and healthy place to live in the whole world, because it’s also affordable.

    it’s a dream to live here and the economy is booming here!

    thank you Khun Aroon Soros 


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