Public Park planned for Phuket’s Toh Sae Hill

Public Park planned for Phuket’s Toh Sae Hill

Public Park planned for Phuket’s Toh Sae HillPPAO Council held its third ordinary meeting for the year 2014 (2nd session) recently at its office in Phuket Town. The meeting was chaired by Council Chairman – Pradit Saengchan, and attended by Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising along with PPAO officials including Deputy Chiefs – Chaowalit Na Nakorn and Soratham Jinda, PPAO executives, council members, and division heads.

Motions proposed:
A. To use funds from the expense budget for the fiscal year 2014 towards the development of a health park in Toh Sae Hill to include the purchase of eleven exercise machines for ten fitness areas in the park. The fund proposed is in the value of 1,084,000 baht.

B. To approve funding in the total value of 107,163,260 baht towards projects administered by various divisions including Education, Religion and Culture Division, Tourism and Sports Division, Public Health Division, Engineering Division, Transports Division, and Administration Office.

C. The meeting agreed to adopt all motions proposed during the last meeting.

D. The meeting appointed Council Members – Kraiwut Kumban, Sithichok Dechapibal and Wisansaya Polsin to sit as members for PPAO Development Committee, Council Chairman Pradit Saengchan, and Council Members Sakchai Chaowai and Kamron Pantip to sit as members of PPAO Development Plan Assessment Committee.


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