Public Health Office launches new campaign ‘Phuket Malaria free 2010’

On June 15th 2010, at Royal Phuket City Hotel, there was a grand opening of the project ‘New Malaria Prevention Scheme in Phuket’ held by Phuket Public Health Office or PPHO and Kenan Institute Asia with support from United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The meeting was presided over by Chaiwat Thepee, the Provincial Administrative Assistant of Phuket. It was held during June 15th – 16th 2010. Some specialists in medical and public health management field joined the meeting to discuss the effective way to make Phuket free from Malaria.

Dr. Narinrat Sritamanote, Head of PPHO, revealed that there was no Malaria patients found in Phuket from 1989 to 1996, therefore the province was selected to be the center of Malaria prevention and was announced as a Malaria-Free Province in 1997. But the growing tourism industry, migrants from other places, and climate change, later brought the disease back to the island again from that year onwards.

In 2009, the province was supported by the Ministry of Public Health and Kenan Institute Asia by USAID to set up a Malaria Prevention Unit. Consequently, the number of Malaria patients gradually decreased.


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