Public Health Minister inspected Hyperbaric Chamber in Wachira Phuket Hospital


On August 6th 2010, Jurin Laksanawisit, the Public Health Minister, visited the Aqua Healing Section in Wachira Phuket Hospital. He inspected the Hyperbaric Chamber approved by the Ministry of Public Health to use in healing patients who were ill after diving and patients who need oxygen in healing other conditions.

This project was begun in 2002 since Phuket had a lot of patients suffering from various conditions and after their diving trips. Oxygen was very useful in recovering the chronic wounds due to diabetes, damaged blood vessels, and wounds occurring after radiation treatment.

The Wachira Phuket Hospital also conducted studies using the Hyperbaric Chamber room for treating children with autism by oxygen pressure since 2008, with the treatment of 7 cases and 8 more children last year and 14 cases this year;  the results showed developments. Small muscles and skills of children got better and more parents are interested.

Mr Jurin said after the performance, more Hyperbaric Chamber rooms in Phuket is considered appropriate. Phuket is a marine tourist location so it has the opportunity to tweak the treatment for tourists and Thais, to treat many other diseases, especially for autistic children.


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