Public Health Deputy Minister said 645 medicines listed in Thai essential drugs list


After presiding over the opening of Annual Public Health conference 2010 at Royal Phuket City Hotel on August 5th 2010, Mrs. Phansiri Kullanartsiri, Deputy Minister of Public Health, said that the ministry had listed 645 names of medicines in the ministry’s Thai essential medicine list. Those 645 medicines were produced by five Thai manufacturers including government and private hospitals and individuals with medical performing licenses. All medicines would be inspected before they can pass the standard of Or Yor or Thai Food and Drugs Administration.

Mrs. Pansiri added that formerly, there were only 19 drugs in the essential medicine list.  There were 25 hospitals using those drugs in the medical service already. She commented that this would help to increase the usage of drugs manufactured in Thailand for the hospitals and medical services. It also helped people to get quality drugs with lower prices. She further informed that the ministry had begun the project to educate the one million public health volunteers nationwide. The volunteers would help in local medical service in their home area.


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