Provincial Administration Director meets volunteers in Phuket

On April 21st, 2010, at the new Phuket Provincial Hall, Wongsak Sawaspanich, the Director–General of Department of Local Administration as head of Country Protection Volunteer Center (CPVC), and his staff, met Smith Palwatwichai, a vice governor of Phuket, Chaiwat Thepi, the Phuket Provincial Administrative Assistant, Wiroj Suwannawong, head of Phuket Provincial Security Office, the members of CPVC Phuket, and other related government officers.

Wongsak mentioned that since Phuket is a famous tourist destination, the members of CPVC Phuket had to keep the island safe and help preserve the natural resources of the island as well. Importantly, there were lots of complaints about tourists being exploited by Thai people, so CPVC members therefore had to keep their eyes on this.


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