Rawai Municipality announced Promthep Cape as smoking-free zone

promthep capeAroon Soros, the Mayor of Rawai Municipality, said that the municipality has announced Promthep Cape as a smoking-free zone to protect non-smoking tourists coming to witness the fascinating scenery at the cape. The smoking-free area covers the stairs from the car park leading up to the viewpoint and all areas of the viewpoint. Moreover, Nong Harn, the lake & park near Nai Harn beach, was announced as a smoking-free area as well.

Aroon added that there were a lot of medical researches indicating that second-hand smoking causing health problems in non-smokers and children. Therefore, there should not be smoking in the area of tourist attractions where there were a lot of non-smoking people and children around. From now on, nobody can smoke at Promthep Cape and Nong Harn smoking-restricted areas, where the municipality is making non-smoking area signs to put in the area. Anybody found smoking in the mentioned areas will be fined 2,000 baht.


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