Phuket needs to see progress on waste management

Phuket needs to see progress on waste management

Phuket needs to see progress on waste managementOn 15th October 2013 at Phuket Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Plant, Phuket Vice Governor – Sommai Preechasil presided over meeting regarding Phuket’s solid waste management. Also in attendance were Chief of the Phuket Office of Natural Resources and Environment – Kasem Sukwaree, Director of Regional Environment Office 15, Phuket – Dr Pornsri Suthanarak, and Phuket City Mayor – Somjai Suwansupana.

Khun Sommai said “Problems with Phuket’s solid waste is growing year on year. There has already been a campaign implemented to educate the public on the subject of reducing the quantity of waste, and there is also a green project to promote solid waste shops who have the best management systems. It is essential that all 39 participating stores do not cause an environmental impact and that they also reduce the amount of waste stored in their units.”

He added “Phuket’s waste incinerator plant can be operated once a day and can burn about 700 tons per time. However, Phuket Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Plant Phase 1, which has been in operation for more than 15 years, is currently out of use due to mechanical breakdown. Therefore, all authorities in Phuket are seriously campaigning to reduce the amount of solid waste. Latest information shows us that in 2013 garbage will increase by around 240,000 tonnes. If there are garbage and waste water problems it will result in damage to the image of the city and this is not very positive with Phuket being a major tourist destination. There must therefore be a crusade to educate the public to seriously reduce the amount of rubbish in Phuket and that it should be a lot less than it is today.”


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